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We Lack Science: will say this though re: bitching and 99%ers





it’s sort of amazing nobody gave a rat’s ass about black, mexican, and native american folks going through this shit - we BEEN going through this shit for the longest.

nobody gave a damn about any of us having a hard time finding jobs, paying bills,…

are you fucking kidding me…? i am on a team that protects EVERYONE. we have our own team that is concerned with the rights of transgender, homeless, non-US citizen and everyone else who will be “easier arrested” since the world is so fucked up and they do that. we are about equality. complete equality. animals and all races are one. EVERYONE has needed this for years, and years, and years. and you should be thankful that while you’re sitting on tumblr complaining about it, people are camping out for weeks and weeks for your rights. you are a part of the 99%, but you are also a part of the problem.

i’m gonna need you to eat a dick. you are absolutely not going to tell me i’m the problem when me and people of color all over america haven’t just been living this for the past 5 or 10 years, but this is How We Were Fucking Raised.

I can’t speak for everyone else’s details, but I can tell you if my paternal grandparents saw a cockroach on their food or in their cereal, they just had to pick the motherfucker out and keep eating. my maternal grands didn’t get to worry about “bad credit” ratings, they just had to take the L and pay a 23% interest rate on a car loan they could barely get.

i can tell you i was blessed to live with two parents who decided they would never do that and never have their children have to do that - so while they were in college, they went to bed hungry many nights so we could have food to eat. they both worked two jobs, went to school, took care of us, and had a side hustle for cash to be able to make sure we lived in a modest house that was clean and pest free.

don’t fucking condescend to me and talk to me about how we’re all equal and YOU have a team. FUCK YOUR TEAM, HOMIE! FUCK YOU AND FUCK YOUR TEAM. Because the point is this is not about you. it’s not about your “team” it’s not about your life. it’s not about your experiences. and anyone who has the nerve to, after reading that the unemployment rate is more than twice as high for POC, say something about animals and people being equal in the same sentence?

SHUTHEFUCKUP. poor white ppl’s DOGS eat better than some of the poor POC in america. srsly you can eat all of a dick right now. all of it. the ball sac and errything.

EVERYONE hasn’t just needed this for years and years and “years”. Some of us have needed it for generations. and the longer you sit and dismiss that so you can preach your “we’re all one color, stop the killing” bullshit, the longer it hurts us and makes sure that when white folks get what they want, which (in the words of so-treu) is “back to comfortable”, people of color get left in the fucking dust again.

This THis This this!

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    ^ I’d like to add quit with the rape analogies and gendered insults, fuck.
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    although i do agree, i have to say, while at Occupy Wall Street I saw a larger quantity of White people over any other...
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    definitely. the 99% thing seemed really arrogant to me.
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    I’M SAYIN. Yeah, I’m excited about any kind of mass occupation like this, just on principle and the hope that something...
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    my thoughts exactly
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    This THis This this!
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    Truth. Been wondering about the racial politics of this event. Glad it’s happening, but sad that it needed to start...
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    truth. #Occupythehood